Disability Stakeholders request President HH and his Cabinet guide the teaching Service Commission on the recruitment of Teachers with Disabilities

Centre for Disability Development Research Law and Policy a Regional governance and Human right NGO wish to appeal to consortium of cooperating partners to reconsider their decision to withheld support for social cash transfer program for the sake of beneficiaries.

The nearly two million people with disabilities in Zambia face significant barriers to HIV prevention, testing, and treatment. While the Zambian government has made significant progress scaling-up its response to HIV generally, few programs are accessible to people with disabilities and social stigma prevents their access to HIV services on an equal basis with others.


The stories of Persons with disabilities in United States of America i featured in last two week has inspired many around the world that is Dr.Marc Maurer a President of American federation of the Blind who is a practicing lawyer and White House new Director appointed by President Barrack Obama to oversee its efforts on disability issues in the name of Ms.Claudia Gordon a deaf practicing Lawyer. We all know that persons with disabilities face many obstacles in their struggle for equality. Although men and women with disabilities are subject of discrimination because of their disabilities, women with disabilities are at a further disadvantage because of the combined discrimination based on gender and discrimination based on disability.

Press Statement for Immediate Release on the claim by Acting Director General of ZAPD that Professor Charles Mwape is an impostor

Centre for Disability Development Research Law and Policy Africa office wish to react to the statement aired on your radio today the 7th June 2018 at 1 PM Zambian time issued by a Ms. Julien Mwape Acting Director General for Zambia Agency for persons with Disabilities. We have received calls and emails from stakeholders inquiring our position on this serious allegations and our position is that Professor Mwape is our Disability Policy Analyst for Africa within this Organization under democratic governance and human right office.

Further the statement issued by Professor Mwape on 6th June, 2018 entitled “Operation of Zambia Agency for Persons with Disabilities (ZAPD)” was cleared by our media team and it had a blessing of the centre as it was within our mandate to hold disability institutions accountable in Africa which was emailed to over 26 media houses and published on our website on www.cddrlp.com

In the said statement Professor Mwape never claimed to be a staff of Zambia Agency for persons with Disabilities or claim to speak on behalf of ZAPD, therefore the claim by ZAPD are malicious on the professional standing of Professor Mwape not only in Zambia but Internationally.

Dr. Ntshangese Sibusiso Bongani


Centre for Disability Development Research Law and Policy

Shaun Soko empowered persons with Disabilities in South Africa

Friday, 29 June 2018 04:41

Professor Ngwale Appeal to President Edgar Lungu

Written by

Professor Ngwale Appeal to President Edgar Lungu your excellency President of the Republic of Zambia Edgar Chagwa Lungu, your heart will bleed with agony and anguish to learn that Ms Julian Mwape Acting Director Deneral of Zambia Agency for Persons with Disabilities has been denying food for retired ZAPD workers who are comped at Mimosa farm for persons with Disabilities.

for the past three weeks. Julian Mwape has refused to give Zapd retired worker's food on grounds that she chased them from Mimosa and gave them money for transport to go home. These are the people who have written a letter to you your Excellency, seeking your intervention.

They have become scavengers and mendicants because Julian Mwape does not want to give them food. your Excellency, I implore you to speak to my dear cruel Minister of Community Development and Social Welfare Hon. Kabanshi so that she direct the tyrannical Julian Mwape acting ZAPD DG to give retired Zapd workers food immediately.

Your Excellency, S O S. from

Professor Elijah Ngwele Facebook page

By Dr Charles Mwape

FOR many years now we have seen persons with disabilities in our streets and communities begging or demonstrating against our Government for poor service delivery, and this has been so since the first Republic. However, the Government on the other hand tries its best to ensure that persons with disabilities are integrated and supported directly and indirectly.

This is the reason why the Government created Zambia Agency for Persons with Disabilities (ZAPD), National Trustee for the Disabled (NTD) and National Vocational Rehabilitation Centre (NVRC). This was in an effort to promote sustainable rehabilitation and create employment for persons with disabilities in Zambia.

Centre for Disability Development Research Law and Policy a Regional governance NGO is happy with the leadership of Patriotic Front Secretary General Hon Davies Mwila who has demonstrated that he is a leader not only to the Party but the Nation as a whole that His Excellency the President Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu decision to appoint Hon Mwila as Chief executive of the Party was the best and timely.

The unity demonstrated by all members of who applied to stand on PF ticket both as Council Chairpersons and Mayor for Lusaka after adoption of Hon Miles Bwalya Sampa has shown the continent that Patriotic Front is a Democratic Party whose members love and respect the leadership of Hon Mwila.

As a centre we followed with keen interest aspirants campaign strategies and statements we have seen from them endorsing the candidature of Hon Sampa has send a clear united signal for 2021 and that it is clear that internal Party democratic values are key in Patriotic Front, as a human right and governance NGO we command the leadership of Hon Mwila and his team for uniting the Party, We are looking forward to issue based campaign in all districts.

Professor Charles Mwape (PhD)

Disability Policy Analyst for Africa

Centre for Disability Development Research Law and Policy

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